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English 101 Lyric Song Analysis Prompt Fall 2011 One mode by which we often engage with poetry in our everyday lives is through music. Songs function like lyric poems or ballads, genres we will discuss during our course this semester. For this PARTERNED assignment, you will choose a song that presents a critique —a particular argument and point of view—perhaps regarding such issues as racism, sexism, youth identity, politics, human rights, war, celebrity culture, domestic violence, motherhood, etc., to analyze and present to the class. In the analysis , you must explain WHAT the song/poem argues and HOW the song/poem argues it. What words and phrases serve as evidence for your assertions about the poem’s argument? What is the effect of the message and its delivery? And how does the musicality of the song (its rhythm and tone, for example) contribute to the song/poem’s message? Does the song successfully deliver its message? Do the lyrics present internal contradictions that undermine the overall message? Etc. This assignment will be written and presented to the
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