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Question 2 and 3 of block buster

Question 2 and 3 of block buster - to the consumer and...

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Question#2 How might knowledge of organizational behavior help the company’s frontline store supervisors manage their employees? Would Mr. Keyees and other top managers need to understand OB? Why or why not? Answer: Organizational behavior is the field of study concerned with the actions of employees at work. Many views on subjects such as motivation, leadership, trust, teamwork, and conflict management has arisen because of these studies. Frontline supervisors of the company can better manage their employees by knowing what motivates them most and how to create trust in the workplace. Teamwork can effectively be used to resolve problems and complete projects more efficiently. Top managers would need to know and understand organizational behavior in order to instruct their subordinates in the most effective and efficient style to complete tasks. If they can create an environment and situation that favors the completion of work in a productive manor by lower employees, then the organization as a whole can produce or serve more at a lower cost
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Unformatted text preview: to the consumer and themselves. Question#3 Using Exhibit 2-7 describes Blockbuster as a system? Answer: Block buster company uses organization as an open system as shown in exhibit 2-6. Inputs like, human resources, capital, DVDs, cds, blue rays, and information are put into the system. For Block buster, Human resources are the employees used to provide services to the customers and capital is the monetary value needed for the raw materials. The transformation process begins as employees work and management oversees the jobs as they renting the disks to the customers. Finally, outputs are the financial results. That profit goes into buying disks of new movies, paying employees and managers, and ultimately continuing the business cycle. All of this happens in the "environment" shown in the diagram. Feedback is used from customers to resolve any complains and to improve customer services,...
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Question 2 and 3 of block buster - to the consumer and...

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