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Appointment letter1 - HABIB BANK LIMITED I.I Chundrigar...

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HABIB BANK LIMITED I.I. Chundrigar Road KARACHI, 75200 April 15, 2011 Mr. Muhammad Wasif Qureshi Karahi,Pakistan EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT Dear Mr. Wasif, I, on behalf of the management of “Habib Bank Limited”, am pleased to appoint you as “Assistant Human Resource” with effect from your date of joining that is 21 st May, 2013 on following terms and conditions: JOB RESPONSIBILITIES Recruiting and staffing logistics; Performance management and improvement tracking systems; Employee orientation, development, and training logistics and recordkeeping; Assisting with employee relations; 1
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company-wide committee facilitation and participation; Prepare reports for managers elsewhere within the organization Screen job applicants to obtain information such as education and work experience Update appropriate forms when an employee receives a promotion or changes address Inform job applicants of their acceptance or rejection for employment
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