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SECTION ‘A’ (MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION) Choose the correct answer for each from the gives option. 1. At the end of the scene II, Monte Cristo; a. Tendered his apology to Albert. c. Challenged the count of morcerf to a duel. b. Prepared his will d. Ran away to save his life. 2. The poem the lay of the last minstrel is written by; a. Sir Henry Wotton c. William words worth b. Sir Walter scot d. William Shakespeare. 3. The song under the greenwood tree is sung by; a. William shakes peare b. A passer by c. The exiled duke d. Lord Amiens. 4. Mrs. Melons’ maiden name was; a. Hannah b. Charlotte c. Tom d. Mercedes. 5. Weak and fearful cruel and traitor are the qualities of; a. Albert b. The count of Monte crypto c. Beau champ d. The count of Morcerf. 6. The duel was to take place at; a. Rue duh helder b. Champs elysses c. Bois de vincemes d. The house of the count of Monte cirsto 7. After visitor go I go out right words to make the correct sentences a. Go, went out b. had gone, went out c. Went go out d. was going, went out 8. Those who live in fool’s paradise never; a. Work hard b. Is working c. Are working d. Worked 9. Please come here I said I need your assistance this can be punctuated as;
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