last final - Developing group level measures of the social...

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Developing group level measures of the social construction of change in Diversity This is defined as a work group’s increase in the proportion of women and racial minorities over time occurring through change in member composition. If an organization has been successful in hiring strategies, it will increase the number of women and minorities within an organization as a whole. These hiring increases typically create demographic shifts. Work group demographic shift reflects contextual and relative experience with a firm’s overall or absolute demographic hiring practices. The second set of constructs we use to understand demographic change is a group level climate Climate, or prevailing member beliefs about ªthe way things are around hereº is increasingly being studied less in terms of ªthe climateº and more in terms of ªthe climate for somethingº. Work groups with low variability (high consensus) would share common perceptions regarding the social climate for diversity and similar understanding of social reality Members would be expected to perceive that it is important to achieve organizational goals through implementing diversity activities. In contrast, low valence groups would have negative climates grounded in perceptions of discrimination and harassment toward minority members, as well as less than Enthusiastic unit response to strategic diversity initiatives Do work groups with higher demographic shifts have a more positive group climate? Competing arguments could be made that higher demographic shifts could lead to either negative or positive climates depending on whether one takes a social contact or intergroup theoretical perspective. Under the social contact view,
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last final - Developing group level measures of the social...

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