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IT For Managers Assignment -4 (Farhan Mehboob) Practice- Simplified report: “e-Bay” E-Commerce Model You are required to refer to the internet as well as any book, and comment on how e-Bay generates revenue. You are required to follow these guidelines. The report, in MS Word, is not to exceed 1 page: a) Use the font “Ariel Narrow” (font size 8) for text, and “Bookman Old” (font size 14) for titles and sub titles; b) All text must be in black; c) Only titles and subtitles must be in bold; d) The main title must use double underline, and centered; e) Use line spacing 1, but paragraph spacing 1.5; line spacing between title/subtitle and text of 1, and justified (right and left), with margin of .5” (top, bottom, right & left); f) All your references must be included generated using the APA citation option in word; g)
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Unformatted text preview: Your name, id, & class detail, Assignment #, etc must be mentioned in the footer; h) Use the “Drawing options” in MS Word to draw the simplified “e-commerce model” diagram e-Bay is pursuing; i) Do not copy/plagiarize; learn to write (summarize) in your own words; j) Only one word must be in Italic (and font size 18); k) Spell check your work, and underline at least 2 words l) Your report must includes some point, which should be using “Bullets”; m) Some data should be presented using a “table”; n) Nothing should be hand written; o) This assignment (hard copy) is to be submitted in the next class; p) The “Page Layout” must be “Landscape”; q) The page must be divided into 2 columns (space between columns 1”); GOOD LUCK! Important note: Try to be confident in your ability to follow instructions!...
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