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HCA240 Week 3 DQ 2 - their daily activities and athletics...

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Answer question #3 under “Cases for Critical Thinking” on p.164 in the text. As you read others’ posts, state whether you agree or disagree with their answers, and explain why. Share stories of famous people or people you know personally to help illustrate your opinion. Again, be sure to answer the entire question in order to receive full credit. Sara loved to run. She watched the track meets at school even as a first grader. An asthmatic, she occasionally had to use an inhaler, but seemed determined to be an athlete. Should Sara be discouraged from pursuing her goal? Why or why not? I think that Sara should pursue her dream and not let anything get in her way specially asthma. According to the video, “asthma 101” one should not give up
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Unformatted text preview: their daily activities and athletics should keep doing their activities because across the United States they have kept most cases of asthma under control with medicines. The medicines have been so effective that people with asthma have been able to do their daily activities and sports normally without having shortness of breath. I do, however think she should limit herself whenever she thinks she is feeling bad in order to not overdo it; it is a privilege to be able to do the things we love and be flexible even when we are sick so when we are having a bad day we should take what we have for granted....
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