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Parallelism - :Grammar nd W ing Guides Windows Internet...

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Unformatted text preview: :Grammar nd W ing Guides: . - Windows Internet Explorer w. tr https:ffecampusphoenix.edw’securefaapdfgrammaeritingfity|e_Quiz.asp?quiz=Fl3 a lgll‘fllXI EBing IP ‘| File Edit View Favorites Tools Help x 6rasemofibEmgveevevHve no x Google set it et‘Fby juvenile download [S Search "l’fl ' .' l Share' l » \ V \J Sign In ' 3x d“ ' Y: [i » wamwmmoo greate+wmufieouhiBM®et J‘} ....::Grammar and Writing Guides::... m fl ' ' 3 g ' 3" ©' fi' 0‘ » I Clarilgg .. Togic Sentence Q] Grammar Glossary Skill and Drill Common Errors l|"| English Grammar Girl Podcasts: Quick and DirtyTlps for Better Writing . I . , . l m . . I Cliches Jar on and Collo UlallSITlS I Transitions I I . . I W . I Con1unctions USlng Consise Language Writing Checklists Parallelism Plagiarism Plagiarism 'Qujz Writing 8; Style Information Your Quiz Results Information OVERALL SCORE: 100% (10 of II] Questions Correct) Samples Site TiHe= Writing Style Business Writing Quiz: parallelism '"mrmalm" Dabef'l'lme Submitted: Thu Mar 3 2011 06:39:42 AM English Language Learners English Language Learners Tutorial Writing English for Speakers oiOtherLanguages Wizards and Tutorials Writing Wizards Soflware Tutorials Done I start C " 31i'iternetE ...
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