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Functionality paper - Functionality Paper 1 Running Head:...

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Functionality Paper 1 Running Head: Functionality Paper Functionality Paper Becky Dillow University of Phoenix HCS 433 Tricia Tran December 14, 2008
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Functionality Paper 2 Functionality Paper Introduction When the word functionality is looked up on the internet it has several meaning. Wordnet at defines it as “capable of serving a purpose well. The definition from is “the ability to perform a task or function; that set of functions that something is able or equipped to perform.” So, then to have loss of function would mean the inability to serve a purpose well, or to perform a task or function. When considering the word functionality or function when it is used in the relationship of the aging process those definitions would apply as well. This paper will review the statement “often a loss of function will begin a downward spiral in the life of an elderly person affecting their independence and quality of life.” It will review the significance and validity of this statement while reviewing how the specific loss of function would affect their daily lives. Loss of Function Significance In order to understand “loss of function” there must be an understanding of “full function” in every day life. When we are healthy and young, things like hearing, seeing, running, walking, and even remembering things seem to be easy to do. This is because the body is young and the muscles and every part of the body are younger and not as used. As we age and our body becomes more used, the muscles begin to change and our body ages. When the body ages we begin to see changes in how well we hear things, see things and even remember things. These changes are normal changes as the body ages. The eyes become slower to focus and may loose their ability to focus particularly on items that are close up. In every day life the ability to be able to see, hear, touch, smell, and talk are very important in how we function either in a successful manner or an unsuccessful manner.
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Functionality paper - Functionality Paper 1 Running Head:...

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