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Cutting Edge Technology 042706 - This technology save time...

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Cutting Edge Technology CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY Rebecca Dillow HHS350 Professor Lynn Lunceford April 27, 2006 Week 1 1
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Cutting Edge Technology Cutting Edge Technology In the past year I have been exposed to quiet a bit of technology in health care. There are all different kinds of technology in all different types of medicine. I have recently been exposed to the heart monitors that hang around a patient’s neck but yet can transmit the information to a room full of television monitors that nurses monitor. The three types of cutting edge technology that I can think of all relate to one major thing. That is the computer. Thanks to the computer you can now have an MRI and or other x- rays and the results are digitally produced and can be e-mail to the doctor right away. There is also the medical record scan, a hospital can create a record and use a scanner to scan in all your treatment records and costs. These can be accessed by any other heath care provider with the proper permission from the patient.
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Unformatted text preview: This technology save time on record transfer and allows all health care professionals access to needed patient information for more prompt and accurate services. The last one I can think of would be monitoring type systems. In some long term care facilities that specialize in patients with Alzheimer's the patients are given some sort of bracelet or necklace that when scanned at doors can recognize the patient and lock the doors and notify personnel so that the patient does not leave the facility and possibly get hurt. I believe that the technology will continue to grow and help the people in the health care field to be able to provide excellent care in the future. With out the technology listed above the medical treatment process would be slower and possibly less accurate due to lack of the proper information. The security of nursing homes and there would be less protections provided for the patients if the scanner method had not been developed to protect the at risk patients. 2...
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Cutting Edge Technology 042706 - This technology save time...

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