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System Hardware Course outline SOEN228/4 H CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND SOFTWARE ENGINEERING SOEN228/4 H – System Hardware Winter 2010-2011 INSTRUCTORS and LECTURE TIME Section Lecture Time and Place Instructor Contact Office H Monday, Wednesday 14:45-16:00 FG C070 Terrill Fancott (Coordinator) [email protected] ext 3063 EV3.118 (Office hour: Tues 13:30-14:30) COURSE WEBSITE Course website will be hosted on the Moodle system and will be accessible through the MyConcordia portal . The website will host ALL documents (slides, assignments, sample code, grades …) related to this course and you MUST visit it regularly. All assignments and lab exercises shall be submitted through the Moodle system. COURSE OBJECTIVES The objective of this course is to introduce students to the fundamentals of Computer Organization and Architecture. The course will begin with a coverage of Data Representation, followed by basic digital design techniques. Computer Organization will be introduced through general techniques and a model based on Intel Architecture. Register transfer notation and Assembly Language will be used to illustrate the operation
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This note was uploaded on 06/30/2011 for the course SOEN 228 taught by Professor T.fancott during the Winter '11 term at Concordia Canada.

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SOEN228w11-Outline - System Hardware Course outline...

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