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Colonial America Outline

Colonial America Outline - trying to show to the king...

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Colonial America Outline THESIS: In the conquest of the Americas there is no clear division between the Spanish or the Indigenous views of the conquest, instead it is the individual’s personal history, their current concerns and interests that influence whether they are for or against the conquest, in the end it is usually what benefits them the most. I. The personal history of the writers usually determines the stand they will take on the conquest and whether or not they will agree with the conquest. A. Bartolome de Las Casas used to be an encomendero until he became a Dominican friar. As an encomendero before he knows what it is like to be the one after the gold and after the noble title. However, now that he has become a friar he considers the religious aspect of the conquest more important than the economic benefits. He exposes the violence the Spaniards are using against the Indians in order to show how that is not the original religious purpose of the conquest. He is
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Unformatted text preview: trying to show to the king especially that the so called Christians have been murdering for “purely and simply greed” and not for the religious purposes (In Defense of Native Peoples, p.52). Bartolome’s purpose is for the king to change the manner in which things are happening in the New World, his stand point is against the conquest unless it is reformed. It benefits him to criticize the manner in which religion is not being projected and that there are reforms to be made because as a Dominican friar, showing the incompetency that the Franciscan friars have had in the past leaves room for the Dominican’s to change it. However, so that it does not seem like an attack on Franciscan friars, Bartolome quotes Marcos de Niza, a Franciscan friar who has witnessed the mistreatment of the natives. This will be most beneficial...
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