Allomorphy as a universal process beg of notes

Allomorphy as a universal process beg of notes - • The...

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Allomorphy as a universal process. Fossilized allomorphy Historical processes and present day allomorphy in the native vocabulary Example: belief (n.) believe (v.) ; hoof (singular) hoofs/hooves (plural) grief (n) grieve (v.) dwarf(s) dwarves proof(n) prove (v.) elf => elven, relief (n.) relieve (v.) turf=> turfs turves serf(n.) serve (v.)
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Unformatted text preview: • The realization <f,s, > in OE: inter-voiced voicing <f> => [f] wulf ‘wolf’ [v] ‘wolves’ <s> => [s] grass [z] to graze (theta) bath => to bathe • First consonant shift => from indo European to Germanic: foot/podium, tooth/dental, heart/cordial IE Germanic ptk => f (th) h bdg => p t k • p=>f pecuniary/ fee •...
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