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Chapter 7 Workbook Study Questions

Chapter 7 Workbook Study Questions - (p polyandry(q...

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Chapter 7 Workbook Study Questions A. 3. For the following words, name any Consonant or Vowel Dropping processes that have occurred: (a) agnostic: n-drop (b) agronomy: (c) asexual:n-drop (d) astronomy: o drop (e) cation: n drop (f) coalesce: nasal drop n (g) edict: d drop (h) efficient:y drop (i) elevate: x drop (j) execute: s drop (k) exert: s drop (l) homonym: o drop (m) monotheism: o drop (n) obvious:o drop (o) parhelion:
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Unformatted text preview: (p) polyandry: (q) proprietress: e drop (r) transcribe: drop s 4. For each of the following words, name the epenthesis process which has taken place. (a) ambulatory: (b) articulate (c) avuncular: u ephenthesis (d) crumbling:u ephenthesis (e) fabulous: (f) miraculous: (g) resumption:p ephenthesis (h) spectacular: u ephenthesis (i) sumptuous: (j) vehicular: u epehenthesis...
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