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Exercises for Textbook Chapter 9 A. Study questions 5. Using the Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology or another dictionary which gives dates of entry (e.g. Random House Webster’s College Dictionary ): (a) Trace the semantic history of: Animosity: from middle English animosite and Latin: animosus (spirited ) pill: from middle English pilen Old English pilian (to peel ) courteous from Anglo-French curteis from curt dealing with courting Egregious from Latin egregious e+grex meaning herd adultery from Latin alduterium and also back formation of adulterare fornication (b) List ten words containing auto and trace their semantic history (e.g. autofocus , autotoxin , etc.). Automobile: from greek automatos (self-acting) Autocratic : self crate from French crate cracy. Automotive: motive (from Latin motus past participle of movere to move) Autodidact : (didact) back formation of didactic meaning greek didaktikos to teach Autopilots: pilots from Italian pilota Autonomus : nomus from law
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