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The background of English Retreat of glaciers in northern Europe 8000 BC Proto-Indo European Greek/Hellenic Indo-Iranian Italic/Romance Celtic Northwest European Balto-Slavic Proto Germanic West Germanic Low vs. High Afrikaans Austrian German Dutch (High) German English Swiss German Flemish Yiddish Frisian 449. date commonly associated with the beginning of Old English. Celtics the first Indo-European occupants of Britain, until ruled by Romans in Caesar’s legion. Old English (c.450-1066), Middle English (1066-1476), Early Modern English (1476-
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Unformatted text preview: 1778), Modern English (1776- Present). Earliest loanwords =>Celtic, Latin. Norman Conquest (1066) Norman French, French loanwords in Middle English. Central French comes in 1204 with King Phillip of France who took Normandy from England. 1476 introduction of the printing press. 1755 first really influential dictionary by Samuel Johnson 1776 American revolution...
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