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1 Creative World The English language is something that can be very structured and precise with many regulations. These regulations can apply generally to English phonetics or describe the specific word formation processes of English words. In word formation alone, there are about nine different types of processes that can be followed in order to create new words. Many authors use the English language and its rules to their benefit. Authors follow the processes in order to have them embellish the creativity of their works. A renowned author known to creatively use the processes of English word formation is Lewis Carroll. Lewis Carroll has used the different types of word formation such as creation de novo, blending, back formation and abbreviation. Regardless of what type of word formation is used when creation or forming a new word there must be a semantic change and in the case of Through the Looking Glass, the imaginary world Lewis creates, is that external force that drives forth the use of word processes. Lewis Carroll proves that the creation of an imaginary world and its words is not independent from the structured instead one can see that these word processes have allowed the author to expand his imagination. These word processes and imaginary world have gone hand in hand in creating one another. Lewis Carroll’s novel Through the Looking Glass effectively illustrates the productivity of word processes as advocates of creativity but also how this imaginary world serves to represent an external force that has induced the creation of new words. Throughout the novel, Through the Looking Glass , Lewis Carroll is bound by certain rules that belong to the word processes he uses, creation de novo, compounding, blending and back formation. It is these rules that structure the creative writing done in Through a Looking Glass and allow for the connection between creativity and grammatical structure to be one. In the process of compounding there are two restricted categories syntactic (transparent compounds
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2 that are easy to comprehend) and lexical (opaque compounds that cannot be understood through the literal meanings of both words used). Lewis Carroll uses the lexical form of compounding which allows words to be mysterious and have any particular meaning that relates to the imaginary world he has created. Blending, a process similar to compounding is a mixture of two words in meaning and in spelling. Although this process appears to be quite structured it is more advantageous since Lewis can take any two words that describe what he wants and conjoin them.
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Final ENG essay - 1 Creative World The English language is...

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