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Workbook Chapter 8

Workbook Chapter 8 - Workbook Chapter 8 Exercises for...

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Workbook Chapter 8 Exercises for Textbook Chapter 8 A. Study questions 1. Are the words in the following pairs cognates? If so, what rule has changed their forms? (a) Anglian ~ triangular: gradation (b) apology ~ dialect rhotacism (c) belligerent ~ digest : metathesis (d) car ~ career (e) diaspora ~ sperm gradation (f) engine ~ gingerly (g) inquest ~ conquer rhotacism (h) genesis ~ general rhotacism (i) hesitate ~ inherent rhotacism (j) ignore ~ prognosis root homorphy (k) island ~ insular (l) jocular ~ jugular homorphy of suffixes (m) just ~ juror (rhotacism) (n) logic ~ legal gradation (o) narrate ~ agnostic rhotacism (p) orthogonal ~ genuflect rhotacism (q) pensive ~ ponder gradation (r) plus ~ plural rhotacism (s) promenade ~ mountain (t) sperm ~ sprout (u) temple ~ anatomy gradation (v) ventricle – ventilate rhotacism (w) verge ~ wry (x) virgin ~ virile (y) writhe ~ divert 10. Which of the following words are cognates? Name the changes that reveal the relationships, if any, among them. (a) resent root homorphy with sentry (b) century root homorphy (c) capture root homorphy with incipient (d) cento root homorphy (e) ecstatic metathesis eccentric (f) celibate (g) cellar
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