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Workbook Chapter 10Paula Mendoza

Workbook Chapter 10Paula Mendoza - Workbook Chapter 10...

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Workbook Chapter 10 Exercises for Textbook Chapter 10 A. Study questions 1) For the following words, state whether the penult is heavy or light. (a) lat|er|al|iz|a|tion light (e) morph|o|gen|es|is light (b) equi|vo|cal light (f) orth|o|graph|y light (c) accom|plice heavy (g) evanescence light (d) pre|pos|ter|ous heavy (h) orthopedics heavy (i) Saskatchewan heavy 2) Which of the following words are exceptions to the stress rules as given in Chapter 10? For any exceptions, state what the stress should be, according to the rules. (d) multiplicity: (stress should be in the i in city y is not a stressed vowel ) (g) entropy : ( y acts as an unstressed vowel) (i) corpulent: (stress should be in ul but that u is a light vowel) (k) psychedelic:( stronger stress in the vowel) 3) The following are all strange, long, obscure words which you may never bother to learn the meaning of, unless you happen to be in those particular technical fields. But all of them are pronounced in accord with the rules given in Chapter 10. Mark the stress according to those rules and pronounce them accordingly. If you are not
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