Paper#3 - Composition The Emotions Buried Beneath The...

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Composition The Emotions Buried Beneath The Mounds In the story of the Mound Builders there seems to be a common motive between many of the characters, this motive being betrayal due to the need for greed. It is interesting to observe throughout the play how people’s personalities and priorities quickly change in order to get what they want and what they feel they rightfully deserve. Marxism seems to be the most reoccurring theme that takes place in the play. The character August, is a success starved archeologist who is looking for his ticket to fame in the hills of Old Shoals, Illinois. Chad, the owner of the land that August is excavating, is someone of little intelligence with an equal amount of success and money to show for. Chad however is ever so well fortuned with a valuable amount of land; entertaining the thought of business men knocking at his door with very generous offers. Chad sees this precious opportunity as a ticket to a better life, a life of value, money, and the woman of his dreams. August is greatly aware of the possible artifacts that could very well be located on Chad’s land; with August holding true to his conniving character he convinces the state to bypass the interstate and construction that is planned to be built on Chad’s land to continue excavation.
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Paper#3 - Composition The Emotions Buried Beneath The...

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