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BILD 3 Week 5 Handout

BILD 3 Week 5 Handout - 4 Lack roots 2 Vascular Plants a...

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Paiyuam (Pi) Asnaashari [email protected] Week 5 Handout - (10/28/10 - 11/1/10) Plants General 1. Terrestrial Plants a. When did plants evolved the ability to colonize on land? i. At least 475 million yrs ago b. What where some of the challenges that made this transition difficult? i. Dessication ii. Support iii. Transport iv. Reproduction c. What’s one of the main significances of Green Algae talked about in class? i. Closest relatives of land plants 1. How was this figured out? a. Comparision of nuclear and chloroplasts genes that are found also in most/all plants 3 Groups of Plants 1. Non-vascular plants (bryophytes) a. Characteristics: i. No xylem of phloem (no vascular system) ii. Alteration of generations b. Bryophtyes i. Characteristics: 1. Ground hugging carpets 2. Sporophyte 2n and gametophyte n 3. Require water for flagellated sperm to migrate
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Lack roots 2. Vascular Plants a. Characteristics: i. Transport tissue (vascular system) ii. Roots iii. Leaves iv. Good structural support for great heights v. Dominated after non-vasucalar plants colonized on land 3. Spermatophyte a. Characteristics: i. Plants that produce seeds 1. Whats the advantage? a. Everything needed to grow is packaed within the seed ii. Divided into gymnosperms (cones) and angiosperms (flowering plants) 1. iii. Pollen and ovules Transport System 1. Xylem: a. What is its function in plants? i. Conducts most of the water and minerals ii. Includes dead cells with walls made of lignin 2. Phloem a. What is its function? i. Transports sugars and other organic molecules ii. Consists of living cells...
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BILD 3 Week 5 Handout - 4 Lack roots 2 Vascular Plants a...

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