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Riverpoint Write1 - Running head AFRICAN AMERICANS 1...

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Running head: AFRICAN AMERICANS 1 African Americans Gerald Washington Pos 110 6/25/2011 Timothy Dale
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AFRICAN AMERICANS 2 African Americans The category that I choose is African Americans. Jamestown in 1619 was when the first slave trade happens. A Dutch slave trader exchanged cargo of African for food. They actually became servants. The increase of the want of tobacco by the English causes the increase of tobacco plantation in Virginia. By the 1690 the slaves were imported straight from Africa, is when slavery was legalization began in 1750. Why I chose this category, the very slaves that we talk about are my ancestors. The slaves that where in those times made a way for me to live the way I live, for me to go to college with students of different color. As I am sitting here writing this paper it makes me wonder what those slaves went though. I thank my ancestors because of the new laws that they cause or fought for me and others. I see both sides of the Slaves and Whites my grandmother on my father side was white and my mother grandfather was white also. Americans look for equality. The African Americans has asked for equality and the government came up with civil rights, which is a policy that extends basic rights to groups. African Americans have been the most visible group in America. The civil rights laws that the Africans American has fought for has help many other minority groups. The African American where helped with three eras that they struggle for
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