CRE 101 - Lesson 1 1) Why is critical reading and thinking...

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Lesson 1 1) Why is critical reading and thinking important? Critical reading is important because it can help you with reading textbooks. Critical reading allows you to evaluate the information more. When reading critically you gather the information and want to understand it better, instead of just coming up with the first possible understanding that may not be one hundred percent accurate. Critical reading is reading “in between the lines” and understanding what the author really means instead of the text in the book. Critical thinking is important because it helps people become more aware of their decisions. When someone is deciding on something, like buying a new car it’s important to be critical thinking because you want the best value out of the car you buy. You’d want to think about all of the options like features, interior, gas mileage, color, etc. Critical thinking will help you ask questions and get the best information on the right car buy. 2) What is the writer's purpose in writing the news article on pages 40-41? How do you know? (Note: This refers to the three stated purposes in the online Lesson 1.) The purpose of the news article is to inform. The article is about how vague people’s conversations are and how we misinterpret information. In the article Alonzo came home to his trees completely vanished. The caretaker, the neighbor and Alonzo both had misunderstanding of what was going to be chopped off. Also there’s the fact that the neighbor had no right to cut down someone else’s tree on someone else’s property. 3) Was he successful in accomplishing his purpose? How? What did he do? Yes, I think he was successful in accomplishing his purpose. He informed his readers how miscommunication affected someone’s life and future outcomes. He also showed how decisions can affect people. It wasn’t the neighbor’s right to cut down Alonzo’s tree. The purpose was to inform the readers about miscommunication, vagueness of information and rights that people have and don’t and the story showed all of the purposes. 4) What assumptions did the writer of the news article make and how do they compare with your own? Explain your answer. Some assumptions that he writer of the article made were taking Alonzo’s side. I personally, while reading the article took Alonzo’s side too because of the emotion the writer had. Instead of seeing both sides of the situation he put more interest on Alonzo. The neighbor’s idea that the tree may fall down and hurt someone was a reasonable decision to cut down the tree, but he automatically took Alonzo’s side. Maybe it was because Alonzo had just gotten home from the hospital and had more emotion than the neighbor but the writer did automatically take Alonzo’s side instead of equalizing both sides. 5)
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CRE 101 - Lesson 1 1) Why is critical reading and thinking...

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