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Brilux: The Fot-320 Decision Print version essay is available for you! You can search Free Term Papers and College Essay Examples written by students!. Join and get instant access to Brilux: The Fot-320 Decision and over 30,000 other Papers and Essays Category: Business Autor: anton 22 December 2010 Words: 1922 | Pages: 8 BRILUX: THE FOT-320 DECISION Memorandum To: Claude Boucher Director of Research and Development From: Brilux Management Science Team Subj: FOT-320 Development Decision Introduction The fastest form of data transfer available is achieved through optical applications as they can carry information in the form of light, and light travels at enormous speeds. Over the years it has become apparent that fiber optical transport will be the new standard in data transfer networks as it outperforms traditional products in all main characteristics such as speed, maintenance, bandwidth and the likes. Brilux is a company providing high-speed data networking equipment for cable companies and other multi-service operators in the telecommunications industry. It is a leading company in the sense that it is valued highly for its advancements in data networking products and the reliability of those products. The number one product of Brilux is ARTAN, an optical data service platform. The company has recently been looking into the development of a complementary product for fiber optic transport, named FOT-320. The research in fiber optics was prompted by customers who stated that combining ARTAN with a product like FOT-320 would be valuable for Brilux as it would increase the attractiveness of their product range. Innovation is a key factor in successful dealings in a commerce as volatile as the high-end technological industry. Any developments that allow for increased income are as welcome as in any business, especially if they can be used in addition to other products already sold by the manufacturing company.
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The particular case we were instructed to look into has all the makings of a successful market opportunity at a first glance. However, it is necessary to consider a number of uncertainties in making any decision, especially one that has the potential to influence the resources of the company as much as this one. We will provide some description of relevant issues in this matter and how they were dealt with. The basis of the analysis will revolve around the issue of developing FOT-320 by forecasting its potential results. Problem Statement As we have mentioned, FOT-320 looks very promising particularly because of the direct customer suggestions towards the development of such a product. There are some nuances to be made of course, and we will mention these constraints and issues to be considered in this section. From a technical point of view Brilux has no substantial problems in developing FOT-320. There
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Brilux - Brilux: The Fot-320 Decision Print version essay...

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