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Merle Hopkins, BUAD 250a Syllabus, Page 1 of 11 BUAD 250a: Core Concepts of Accounting Information Dr. Merle Hopkins Spring 2011 Class Meeting Times: Section 14522 MW 10.00-11.50 am HOH Edison Professor Office Location: B4a [Basement of ACC] Professor Office Telephone: (213) 740-4857 Instructional Assistant [IA] Office Location: B4 [Basement of ACC] IAs Office Phone: (213) 821-5932 Professor E-Mail Address: [email protected] IAs will monitor [email protected] when available during office hours. Professor Office Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 2.15-3.30pm And by appointment (send an email indicating some of your available times) USC Information Line (213) 740-2311 or listen to 91.5 KUSC Radio To report USC Emergencies: (213) 740-4321 USC Emergency Information Hotline (213) 740-9233 Prerequisites: None Co-Requisite: Econ 203 Course Materials Required: 1. Adding Value with Financial Accounting Exercises , Merle W. Hopkins, 2009.* 2. Study Guide for Core Concepts of Accounting Information, Merle W. Hopkins, 2009*. *The required items will be available in the bookstore as a package. Optional materials: Business periodicals to stay up with current business developments. The Wall Street Journal can be purchased as a subscription package at the bookstore when you purchased the required course package as described above. Or, you can go to this website and subscribe online: Course Objectives Accounting has often been called the ‘language of business’. Core Concepts of Accounting Information should help you to begin to understand and communicate in this language. The course should also help you gain an appreciation for the uses of accounting information and limitations inherent in that accounting information. Very few
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Merle Hopkins, BUAD 250a Syllabus, Page 2 of 11 people achieve serous levels of success in business without a fundamental understanding of accounting principles and concepts. Finally, this course should help you learn about the nature and responsibilities of careers in the accounting profession. Upon completion of Core Concepts of Accounting Information , you should: 1. Have a general understanding of the role of the accounting profession in our economic society, including: (a) an awareness of the process of regulation and self-regulation of the profession (including the accounting standard setting process) in the United States, and (b) the increasing internationalization of accounting. 2. Have a basic understanding of how accounting is used in business, including an appreciation of the role of financial and managerial accounting, systems, tax and auditing. 3. Have an awareness of some of the fundamental differences between US GAAP [generally accepted accounting principles] and the broad set of accounting rules known as IFRS [International Financial Reporting Standards]. 4.
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SYLLABUS - Merle Hopkins BUAD 250a Syllabus Page 1 of 11...

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