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Unformatted text preview: BUAD 104: Learning about International Commerce Hong Kong 00 Course Introduction January 16, 2009 Spring 2009 Course website: on Blackboard LINC Purpose Globalization is a force that is shaping businesses around the world. It is critical that business professionals learn about globalization and international business practices. This course will provide an introduction to globalization and international business and familiarize you with the skills needed to be successful in conducting business across borders. BUAD 104 1/09 Course Objectives 1. 2. 3. To understand the impacts of globalization on business. To appreciate the challenges and opportunities of doing business internationally. To learn to assess the business environment in other countries, including business practices, economic and financial structures, institutions and institutional voids, political and regulatory systems, and cultural and social conditions. 1/09 BUAD 104 Course Objectives 1. 2. To develop an international business perspective by understanding the similarities and differences in the business environment across countries and how heterogeneity in the business environment across countries affects international business practices and strategies. To appreciate how to develop business strategies and make business decisions in the international/global context. 1/09 BUAD 104 Hong Kong A diverse modern metropolis steeped in unique blends of Eastern and Western traditions. The quintessential modern city, full of energy and contrasts. 1/09 BUAD 104 Hong Kong Official Languages of Hong Kong: English and Cantonese Mandarin the language of China is gaining popularity both here and in Macau "leiho" ("hello" or "hi") "mmgoi sai" ("thanks very much") 1/09 BUAD 104 Hong Kong Once a small fishing village, Hong Kong now boasts a population of over 7 million residents. Former British colony and worldmanufacturing powerhouse has repositioned itself in the past decade as the financial gateway to China. Every major bank and investment firm has offices in Hong Kong, making it one of the economic capitals of the world. 1/09 BUAD 104 Hong Kong Memories On July 1, 1997 Hong Kong marked 10 years since it was returned to China after remaining under British administration for 156 years. Since the handover, the territory has been governed by the principle of "one country, two systems". Video from BBC: 3 Hong Kong citizens from different generations look back on the decade under Chinese rule and give their impressions on how things have changed. Video: bbc Colonial flag of Hong Kong, used from 1959 to 1997 Flag of Hong Kong 1/09 BUAD 104 In and Around Hong Kong Victoria Harbour The most beautiful harbor in the world Trolley to Kowloon Peak A Major Financial Center 1/09 BUAD 104 In and Around Hong Kong Big Buddha at Lantau Island, Nightlife, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, A Shoppers' Paradise 1/09 BUAD 104 Hong Kong: "Fragrant Harbor" Hong Kong consists primarily of Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island, Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories as well as some 260 other islands. The Kowloon Peninsula is attached to the New Territories to the north, and the New Territories spans northwards eventually connecting with mainland China across the Sham Chun River (Shenzhen River). overall, Hong Kong encompasses a collection of 262 islands and peninsulas in the South China Sea. While Lantau is the largest island, Hong Kong Island is the second largest and the most populated. Ap Lei Chau is the most densely populated island in the world. 1/09 BUAD 104 Economy of Hong Kong Hong Kong maintains a highly capitalist economy built on a policy of free market, low taxation and government nonintervention. Center of international finance and trade Hong Kong is the wealthiest urban centre in the People's Republic of China.* The GDP (PPP) per capita of Hong Kong exceeds the Big 4 in Western Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy), as well as Japan. 1/09 *Based on gross domestic product per capita and gross metropolitan product. BUAD 104 Hong Kong Sky Line 1/09 BUAD 104 3 Phases of LINC Phase I PreTrip Preparation Phase II International Field Study Trip Phase III Integration of Learning from the Course 1/09 BUAD 104 Grading Policies Credit/No Credit. In order to receive credit you must pass each of the following requirements: Class Participation and Attendance (Individual) Five OnePage Memos (Individual) Company Briefing Paper (Group) Experiential Exercises During International Field Study Trip (Group) PostTrip Report (Group) BUAD 104 1/09 Attendance and Participation The following with result in No Credit for the course: Missing more than 1 of the 8 PreTrip Class Sessions Missing any of the visits/activities during the International Field Study Trip Missing the final class session (after the trip) Consistently coming to class unprepared Inappropriate behavior on the Trip you may miss once assuming it has been preapproved by Professor Swartz 1/09 BUAD 104 What is Inappropriate Behavior? You are a representative of the USC Marshall School of Business and your behavior during the trip affects the reputation of USC and the Marshall School. Be Professional, Polite, Responsible, Use Good Judgment Inappropriate behavior during the trip will result in receiving No Credit for the course and violations of the University Student Conduct Code will be referred to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards.* Rude behavior during class sessions or company visits Drunkenness or other inappropriate behavior No Toleration Policy: 1/09 *see BUAD 104 Implications of No Credit in the Course Anyone who does not pass Phase 1 requirements will not be allowed to travel Revoked Subsidy; $ Full Amount Paid by Student The fee you pay for the International Field Study Trip does not cover the full cost of the trip. Part of the cost of the trip is being covered by a subsidy. Anyone who receives No Credit for the course will have their subsidy of the trip cost revoked and will be required to pay the full cost of the trip. BUAD 104 1/09 Documentation Deadline Today! These documents are due next week: Student information sheet A copy of passport Travel authorization release form Medical release form Authorization release form BUAD 104 Foreign students must submit a copy or green card OR a copy of visa, I20 and I94 1/09 Questions about Paperwork? Kanokwan (Aum) PibalchonLeonard Assistant Director Global Programs and Partnerships USC Marshall School of Business Tel: (213) 7407928 Fax: (213) 7407701 Email: 1/09 BUAD 104 Important Dates Refer to page 5 of course syllabus for a list of important dates 8 PreTrip Sessions 1 PostTrip Class Session PostTrip Report (Group) Peer Evaluation 5 1Page Memos (Individual) Company Briefing Paper (Group) 1/09 BUAD 104 Roomate Selection If you would like to chose your own roommate for your LINC trip, please make sure that both you and your friend, who has agreed to room with you, send the request through website LINC RoommateMarch Trips BY Friday, February 6, 2009. Password to the website is "GlobalPrograms." If you don't request a roommate via the website by February 6,2009 we will assign a roommate for you. BUAD 104 1/09 Other Policy for Technology in Classroom Check Blackboard for Reading Materials Buy a Guide Book! Homework for Next Week Start Reading up on Hong Kong Submit a photo and biography on a 5x7 card that includes your birthplace, languages spoken, possible Marshall concentration, short and long term career goals, hobbies, and why you chose Hong Kong for your LINC country. No Laptops, PDAs/Cell Phone, iPod, etc. Questions & Concerns? 1/09 BUAD 104 ...
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