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Marketing Plan Summary and Introduction: Raez Environmental Systems & Advanced Technologies (RESAT) started in1990 with various products in the medical field and since 6 years ago it has become an important player in the Point of Care Testing (POCT) market and is now among the main market. RESAT is focused to become a leader in the POCT market in the Middle East area, and is expanding by adding new product to complete the POCT package. This marketing plan is being done to guide the organization through the long journey and to make sure it follows the specific direction to increase the revenue. After completing the market plan we will be able to approach this high potential market with strong knowledge and clear strategy. Marketing potential: The marketing opportunities are in the diabetic patients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The last report which is done by King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center states that with a population of 27 Million, 30% percent are Diabetic. This translates to 648 million Riyals in sales, and a revenue of 194.4 million Riyals. Market Analysis: Health care service providers in the KSA are divided to 3 main segments: - Ministry of Health (MOH) hospital and primary care clinics and this about 60% of the market. - Governmental hospital non-MOH dependent like: Military Hospital and Royal Clinics, National Guard Hospital, and universities hospitals. This is about 30% of the market. - The private sector market is about 10% of the market.
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Every year a sum of 32.4 Million tests are done in the three sectors as: MOH = 19.44 Million test Governmental Non-MOH = 9.72 Million Private = 3.24 Sales forecast:
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Marketing Plan - Marketing Plan Summary and Introduction:...

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