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Age of Jackson

Age of Jackson - Age of Jackson JQ Adams thought about...

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Age of Jackson 4/4/11 JQ Adams thought about breaking up the union o 1823 Adams feared Mexico (?) would try to regain their colonies Monroe Doctrine 1. Us opposes further colonization attempts by European powers in the Western hemisphere a. Becomes power in Western hem 2. US obtains from European wars 3. Warns Europe to not interfere in newly independent Latin American nations or… 1823 Latin America became a key place for British goods o As election of 1824 election opposes, Jackson was a people’s favorite Adams, Jackson, Crawford and Clay running Adams support in NE and North Crawford was south’s old republicans Limited government and states rights From Crawford, GA Clay support from West like home state of KY Jackson had support from all regions but NE No one had majority Clay came in last so he was eliminated Went to House o Adams was seen as best option o Clay was in House of Reps and put his support to Adams for own person gain o Adams made Clay Speaker This election made new political parties o Crawford and Jackson were the Democrats Goal was for Jackson to be president o Adams and Clay were the Whigs of 1830’s o Adams had a clear view for America Called for legislature for agriculture, manufacturing Spent more on internal improvement than 5 presidents before him Wanted a national university and a naval academy o 1828 Election Jacksons campaign ran by Van Buren Set to align southern planters with northern farmers and workers Jackson made few promises Very dirty campaign Jackson won by a big amount Carried south and west and PN
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Showed how universal white male vote under political parties could change turn outs Andrew Jackson
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Age of Jackson - Age of Jackson JQ Adams thought about...

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