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Article Government

Article Government - Article Government June and July 1788...

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Article Government 3/7/11 June and July 1788 ratification of constitution o Parades showed support in urban settings 3.9 million Americans around revolution lived near Atlantic coast 1:30 lived among 8,000 ppl No republican government was ever established over so vast a land Articles of confederation drafted 1777 by Articles congress o Ratified by states 1781 o Need national governing body to wage war, but needs check o Articles government was less a blueprint but more a treaty 1. One house congress and no matter the states size each got one vote 2. No president to enforce the laws and no judiciary to regulate the laws 3. Major decisions needed approval by 9 states 4. Declaring war, conducting foreign affairs, making treaties with foreign affairs, no financial resources, can coin money but cant make taxes or regulate taxes a. Money only what states give 5. To amend the articles needed unanimous support by states o Established national control over land west of Appalachian mountains o NW ordinance of 1787 3-5 states E of Mississippi Land not taken from Indians w/o consent 1. Assume through purchase or treaty or voluntary removal the Indian presence in the west would soon be gone 2.
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