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Chesapeake Colonies

Chesapeake Colonies - Chesapeake Colonies Virginia and...

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Chesapeake Colonies: Virginia and Maryland A. Settling 1607 3 ships sailed towards Cape in Chesapeake. Settled inland of James River in Jamestown in April. Not sponsored by English government but by the Virginia Company, a private government in London. 104 settlers stayed behind when ships left All men Showed that focused to find economical gain, not to make a settlement First permanent English settlement in America Shifted power back home in Europe between competing countries Settlers arrive as free people and acquire land Many soon arrive as indentured servants Normal time as 5-7 years Can be bought and sold Cant marry w/o permission Physical punishment Courts were not sympathetic Women servitude was lengthened if pregnant Death rate is very high among servitude Gaining land meant freedom Each colony was started from a land grant from the Crown Natives occupying land that English wanted caused great crisis John Rolf and Pocahontas was a very rare occurrence 1691 that type of marriage was outlawed English kept separate from Natives Jamestown had high death rates and constantly switched leadership
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