England’s New World

England’s New World - England's New World...

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England’s New World A. Building an Empire 1500’s England a 2 nd rate power Henry 7 th in power o lots of civil war Henry 8 th reformation launched after wanting divorce, Anglican Church formed Son, Edward 4 th becomes king at age 10 in 1547, regencies who rule persecute Catholics o Edward dies in 1553 o Mary becomes queen, restores Catholicism o Attacks protestants o Elizabeth becomes queen 1558-1603 Creates stability Anglican, so pushes away Catholicism and executes catholic priests Started looking at America Sir Walter Raleigh- Roanoke Island Gilbert- 1582 New Finland No money supplied by crown a. Irish war o Lots of money used o Trial run on colonialism o Deemed as great threat; catholic o Methods used on Ireland were used on America B. America a. Roanoke- Sir Walter Raleigh o First run most people abandoned but second run it is unknown o Showed that more planning is needed o People felt that catholic conspiracy was to blame b. Spanish invade
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England’s New World - England's New World...

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