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Imperial Rivalries

Imperial Rivalries - Imperial Rivalries A 18th century...

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Imperial Rivalries A. 18 th century Non-British colonies were lowly populated o Spanish- Pacific to New Mexico, except Brazil o After 1763 it included Louisiana Late 18 th century Spanish tried to revamp colonies o Used labor from Natives o 1765- 20,000 people in population Spanish settlers and natives o Needed to keep French out of Texas o Florida in 1770 had 2000 settlers with 1000 slaves and natives o Russian fur traders in Alaska threatened Spanish so they colonized California Mission front 1821 Mexican independence, California’s pop decreased by 1/3 1800 LA had 300 people Largest city in California Californios 3200 people in 1821 France o 1702 Mobile, AL o 1718 New Orleans, LA o 10,000 in LA in 1750’s o Britain’s biggest threat Europeans needed Indians for fur trade o 1749 VA land grants to Ohio Company Started 7 years war or French and Indian war- 1754 Started French decline as world power 7 Years War o British wanted French to abandon military forts
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