Jefferson’s Revolution

Jefferson’s Revolution - Jefferson's...

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Jefferson’s Revolution 3/21/11 Presidential campaign 1800 o Republicans Jefferson and Madison Used printing to their advantage o Federalists were small group of elites NE and mid-Atlantic states o Jefferson won, 73-65 electoral votes over Adams Constitutional crisis o Each electoral would throw out one electoral vote to elect a VP but it failed when one federalist didn’t o Aaron Burr and Jefferson battled for 35 ballots o Hamilton creates a solution and gives support for Jefferson o 12 amendment Separate ballots for VP and president o Burr killed Hamilton and then fled to Alabama to try and create a new nation Went into exile in Europe o Americans started to want to be a part of politics Jefferson got all of the southern electoral votes, called it a revolution o Not possible w/o 3/5 compromise o 1787 Franklin sent an emancipation document but many were against it b/c it would cause civil war o 1793 congress enacted federal judges and authorities to act in sending back
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Jefferson’s Revolution - Jefferson's...

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