Revolution Within

Revolution Within - Revolution Within Had democratic...

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Revolution Within 2/28/11 Had democratic potential Revolution didn’t challenged men’s authority in home o Especially in southern states with slaves Free men had biggest change, property owners All states adopted new constitution o All must be republics o No King or heredity lineage PN const. one legislative house John Adams published book on his ideas of government o Upper and lower houses o All states but PN, GA and VT MS only state gave governor veto Voting requirements o Conservatives: defenders on status quo Wanting things to be like old requirements Property requirements Revolution was about striking a balance between 2 viewpoints The south was a very conservative place o No elections of governor in VA o MD everyone can vote, but who you got to vote for was restricted o Property requirements for voting in VA o VT 1777 constitution severed voting and financial requirements Most democratic of state constitutions would stop before universal suffrage Revolution led to expansion for right to vote o Except NY MD and VA large majority of white male pop could vote o Democratization of America o Colonial leaders weren’t hostile towards religion Even deists went to organized churches PN const. had to require existence of God Legislature required laws for morality
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Revolution Within - Revolution Within Had democratic...

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