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Road to revolution

Road to revolution - Road to revolution Disputes over...

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Road to revolution Disputes over taxation 1760’s to 1770’s Age of revolution in western world o US, France, Caribbean, ext Freedoms b/c of Revolution o Severed church and state o Promote lively public sphere in which ordinary men (and women) participated o In public sphere, public debate is new and interesting o Middling classes would challenge monopoly of colonial elites o Set in motion abolition of slavery in Northern states Contraction of freedom from loyalists, Indians and slaves 3 processes set in motion by revolution o Democratization of politics By 1830’s a democratic system was set in motion in America No more property rights to vote, 2 parties Defining element of America o Development of steamboats, RR and modern improvements in market revolution opened up new part of country for new opportunities o Population expansion westward reshaped ideas of freedom Many founding fathers thought these new ideas would break up the unity of the nation
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