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Slavery and Empire

Slavery and Empire - Slavery and Empire A Slavery Alado...

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Slavery and Empire A. Slavery Alado Equiano in mid 1750s was captured by slave traders o First to Barbados then to Virginia o Learned to read and write in England o Sold again to Caribbean o Purchased own Freedom o Participated in many voyages o Settles in London 1789 and publishes book about Life o Dies, but some suggest that he might have been born in new world particularly in SC o Unusual for slaves to have this lifestyle Colonies continued to grow o Some suggested that they should move British capitol to Philadelphia Atlantic was a bridge not a barrier o People, thoughts and values would flow back and forth Wars with France Most slaves headed to West Indies and Brazil o 1700-1775 280,00 of 500,000 slaves would end up on mainland o Most were around Chesapeake 7.7 million slaves 1492-1820 over half arrived during 1700-1750 o In 18 th century it was part of normal business practices o Vital part of world commerce o Caribbean was main part of British crown o Tobacco, Sugar and Rice was in America o Criss-crossing trade patterns o
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