The fruits of manifest destiny

The fruits of manifest destiny - The fruits of manifest...

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The fruits of manifest destiny 4/25/11 In 1840’s slavery moved to the front of conversations o B/c of expansion to the west o Where can slavery go? By 1860 300,000 people had moved to Oregon and California o UK and US jointly administered Oregon o Utah still owned by Mexico 6.5 million people in Mexico when it gained its independence, 1821 o Same size as America at that time o Northern provinces were isolated and scarcely settled o Moses Austin was one of the Americans who was allowed to colonize inside Texas, 1820 Died soon and son Stephen took over 12¢ an acre 1830, 7,000 Americans in Texas More than Tejanos in area Alarmed Mexico bans immigration Americans allowed to bring slaves, even though Mexico had banned it o Santa Anna’s army marched and charged the Alamo Killed all the Texans Sam Houston, gained Texas’ independence from Mexico Republic of Texas 1837 asked to become joined with US o Denied Many southerners went to new fertile cotton land in Texas John Tyler April 1844 o Calhoun leaked a letter to press about Texas joining union to strengthen slavery idea Making Texas 4 states 8 senators o Henry Clay and Van Buren meet in KY Agree to not allow annexation of Texas b/c it might bring war w/ Mexico Clay and Van Buren are dealing with slavery in typical way Clay got Whig nomination Van Buren didn’t get Dem nomination o James K Polk got nomination, supported annexation Defeated Clay Annexed Texas 4 goals in presidency 1. Reduce tariff 2. Reestablish independent treasury system 3. Settle ownership dispute over Oregon
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4. Bring California into union First two done by congress quickly Agreement with UK allowed Oregon dispute done easily The fourth was more difficult Mexico would not let us buy it By Spring 1846, plans military invasion o April, Zachery Taylor moved into Texas Claimed Mexico shot first, so declaration of war claimed Mexican War o First war fought mostly on foreign soil o Control of foreign capitol
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The fruits of manifest destiny - The fruits of manifest...

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