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Phys 2211 and 1111_Lab_Format - Phys 2211 And Phys 1111...

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Phys 2211 And Phys 1111 FORMAT FOR PHYSICS LABORATORY NOTEBOOKS The lab notebook should be a bound notebook with pages at least 8.5 by 11 inches in size. There are several types of notebooks available which meet these specifications; spiral notebooks are one type. Each experiment performed in the lab should be recorded in the notebook in two sections. The first section of the experiment write up will include the following: a. The date should appear on the first line. Failure to date each page when it is written will cause points to be subtracted from the grade for the experiment. b. The title of the experiment. c. The names of those persons who are working as a group on the experiment. d. Information concerning the experiment: 1. Notes on the apparatus and setup. 2. Notes on the experimental procedure. 3. The data taken and your best estimate of the error in each of the data points. 4. Working graphs of the data taken. If possible you should graph the data as you acquire it and include these graphs in your notebook by taping or stapling them in on a blank page of the notebook. 5. Any other information which will be needed to interpret the data and write the report of the experiment should be written in this section. For example, make notes of anything you feel could be a source of error in the
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This note was uploaded on 07/02/2011 for the course PHYS 2211 taught by Professor El-jaeid during the Summer '11 term at Middle Georgia.

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Phys 2211 and 1111_Lab_Format - Phys 2211 And Phys 1111...

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