Bio lab final review!

Bio lab final review! - Time in seconds Concentration (mM)...

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Unformatted text preview: Time in seconds Concentration (mM) Laura Betancourt Bio 1208 Study Guide PIPETTES: Mechanical/Micropipettes: Used for small volume transfers (less than 1 mL). Volume adjusted by turning adjustment rings. To fill click plunger to first stop. To release click plunger all the way. Volumetric/Transfer: Designed to deliver a single volume precisely (the volume will be indicated near the top of the pipette) (I.E. 5 mL) Mohr/Measuring: Are graduated but stop at a baseline before the pipette begins to narrow. Serological: The tricky one. To use this pipette, measure all the way to the top and subtract the amount you wish to measure. I.E.- If you want to pipette 6 mL measure to the 4. If you want 4 mL measure to the 6, etc. SPECTROPHOTOMETER: An instrument designed to detect the amount of radiant energy absorbed by the molecules. Operating Procedure: 1. Turn it on ( Left hand knob on the front of the instrument ) and allow to warm up for 15 min. 2. Adjust the wavelength to the appropriate value. The knob on the r ight top of the instrument controls the wavelength, which is indicated at the left of the digital display. Final: December 2, 2009 Laura Betancourt 3. With the sample holder empty and the lid closed, adjust the Zero Adjust Knob ( Left hand Knob ) until the instrument reads 0% on the transmittance scale. BE SURE IT IS ON TRANSMITTANCE! If not push Mode Button until it is. 4. Carefully insert the tube containing the blank solution into the sample holder and close the cover. Use the Kimwipe. Line up the white markings with the notch. 5. Adjust the 100% Adjust Knob ( r ight front knob ), until the display reads 100% on the transmittance. 6. Remove the blank and immediately insert the sample cuvette as described in step 4 above. Do not change any instrument setting! Switch the display to read absorbance by pushing the mode button. 7. Record the Value indicated on the absorbance scale. LAB 2 ANALYZING ENZYMES AND ENZYME KINETICS Many reactions require a catalyst to occur at reacts that are necessary in biology. o Catalysts increases the rate of a chem. react. w/o being consumed/changed o Catalysts reduce the activation energy b/w reactants and products Enzymes are highly specific....
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Bio lab final review! - Time in seconds Concentration (mM)...

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