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bio lab review 3 - Practical 1. Identify: a. Pipettes: i....

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Practical 1. Identify: a. Pipettes: i. Seriological 10mL ii. Mohr 10 mL iii. Volumetric 5 mL iv. Micropipette 1mL b. Spectrophotometer: an instrument designed to detect the amount of radiant light absorbed by molecules i. Absorbance: insert a blank…adjust 100% Adjust Knob…to read 100% transmittance…remove blank and insert sample…switch to absorbance 2. a. Paper chromatography: technique is based on the relatively solubility of the molecules in the mixture to various kinds of solvents and their affinity or attraction to the chromatography paper b. Gel electrophoresis: i. Involved in the manipulation of DNA fragments ii. Involves the separation of charged molecules using an electric field iii. The charge of nucleic acid is negative due to the presence of phosphate groups iv. Molecules move through a semisolid matrix (agarose) 3. Photosynthesis set-up 4. Fermentation set-up 5. Photosynthesis 1 Lab 6. “Movement of Substance Across Cell Membranes” 7. Enzyme labs Non-practical 1.
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a. Null hypothesis: states that the experiment will show no difference in the results between the control group and the experimental group b. Alternative hypothesis: always states that there will be a difference in the results c. Experimental design: process of properly organizing the right data to answer questions of interest as clearly and efficiently as possible d. Replicates: exact copy e. Controls: minimized the unintended influence of other variables on the same system f. Independent variables: the variable being changed g. Dependent variables: what changes due to the independent variable being changed h. Graphing: graphs are used to show trends i. Mean: the average value; describes the center population j. Standard deviation: how far away from the center the points spread; value
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bio lab review 3 - Practical 1. Identify: a. Pipettes: i....

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