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Employment Conflict Management 1 - Employment Conflict...

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Employment Conflict Management Abstract Fast Serve is a company that is worth about twenty five million dollars that is responsible for direct marketing of branded sport materials. With the peaked interest online purchasing Fast Serve has decided to expand its online distributing division. After a few months of poor sales and difficulty with the technological support, Fast Serve has decided to cease its online division. With this new information some employees will have to be let go. This paper will identify any potential conflict that could arise because of the decision on whom will be laid off. I will also select an alternative resolution technique that is needed to reduce the different risks associated with the terminations. Lastly, there will be an explanation on why the techniques chosen and how would they protect Fast Serve from any type of retaliation. Introduction Fast Serve is a responsible for direct marketing of branded sports material. The company is worth about twenty-five million dollars and has about three hundred and fifty employees. Through many months of research, Fast Serve has noticed that there is a potential sales sector that the company is not reaching. To cater to this internet obsessed generation, Fast Serve has launched two websites catering to both boys and girls. They transferred about ten percent of their workforce to the online division in order to insure success. Soon after the websites launched, Fast Serve had several problems and decided that it was best to close the online division and let go of some employees. It is the responsibility of the Human Resource manager to terminate at least 3 employees all while keeping in consideration any and all legal implications due to these terminations. Each employee has circumstances that may or may not effect decisions made. In order to make a justified decision, Fast Serve’s COO sends a list of five employees up for termination along with their reviews and documents from the last two years. After careful consideration the three employees have been selected for termination. . Potential Conflicts
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Whenever someone is terminated from their place of employment, there is always a potential for conflict and/or retaliation. With Fast Serve, the five employees that have been put up for termination all have specific situations that may encourage conflict. In this simulation, the three employees that were terminated were Sarah Boyd, Brian Carter, and Nora Manson.
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Employment Conflict Management 1 - Employment Conflict...

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