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UCLA109 Exam 1 Fall 2010-KEY-1

UCLA109 Exam 1 Fall 2010-KEY-1 - Name TA Exam 1 EEB 109...

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Name: TA: Exam 1, EEB 109 Fall 2010 Directions: Write you name on each page. Answer each question in the space provided. 1) On the graph below, plot salinity in the ocean from today until 4 billion years in the future. Explain why you drew the plot as you did. Be sure to label the y axis and clearly mark the starting salinity (10 pts) Salinity will gradually increase over time because the hydrologic cycle will continue to add solutes to the ocean and concentrate the solutes through evaporation . Line should start between 32-35ppm . - 2) What is a convection cell? List two different types of convection cells that shape the marine environment and explain how these convection cells impact the oceans. (10 pts) A convection cell is a circular movement of gas/fluid driven by warm low density gas/fluid rising and cold high density gas/fluid sinking. Atmospheric convection cells cause wind which create currents, gyres, waves, upwelling, etc. (a complete answer should include at least 2 of these) 1
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Name: TA: Convection cells in the magma move lithospheric plates, creating spreading zones (mid ocean ridges), subduction zones (ocean trenches) and transverse faults (submarine canyons (a complete answer will link geology to habitat)What are two features of the mammalian diving reflex? Explain how these features help maintain homeostasis. Why haven’t poikilotherms evolved similar mechanisms? (15 pt) Bradychardia is the slowing of the heart rate during diving. This both limits heat loss as well as shunts oxygen to core organ systems Peripheral Vasoconstriction is the
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UCLA109 Exam 1 Fall 2010-KEY-1 - Name TA Exam 1 EEB 109...

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