ISDS 265 TEST 2 - Globalization 1.0 Mainly European...

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Globalization 1.0- Mainly European countries are globalizing, Power is the primary driver, industries changed slowly. Evolution brought the world from size large to medium. Globalization 2.0-   Companies are globalizing. Reduction in transportation and telecom-communications costs. Mainly Europe and America involved. Globalization 3.0- Individuals and small groups are globalizing. Faster pace of change. Emergence of new industries. 10. enablers of globalization 3.0 Enabler #1: The Fall of the Berlin Wall-   November 9, 1989. Fall of communism. People from the former communist countries gained more freedom. Enabler #2: Netscape Browser-   August 9, 1995. “Killer app”. First mainstream browser. Gave Enabler #3: Work Flow Software-   Applications that allow people worldwide to communicate. XML: applications “talk” to each other. New possibilities for information sharing. Global currency to fuel commerce. Enabler #4: Uploading-   Individuals and companies actively participate in content generation on the Web. Wikipedia a huge success. Enabler #5: Outsourcing- Moving of business processes or tasks to another company. Companies can now use talented engineers from anywhere. Enabler #6: Offshoring-Companies set up entire factories in different countries to reduce cost. Enabler #7: Supply Chaining-Integration of retailers, suppliers, and customers. Wal –Mart. Enabler #8: In-Sourcing-Delegation of company’s key operations to a subcontractor. Example: UPS provides complete supply chain solutions to companies. Enabler #9: In-Forming-Individual’s use of powerful search engines on the internet, such as Google to
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ISDS 265 TEST 2 - Globalization 1.0 Mainly European...

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