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Policy Memo Assignment (FEDERAL LEVEL – FROM A CONGRESSMAN) Health and Public Policy, Spring 2011 DUE DATE: March 1 in hard copy – NO E-MAIL For this assignment, you are to pretend to be a health aide to a busy Congresswoman. She will be voting on a health related bill and you must write a memo to her laying out two important points: 1) A recommendation to vote in support of or opposition to the bill; and 2) The reasons for your recommendation. Remember, the Congresswoman has little, if any, background in healthcare policy. To help you with this assignment, please do the following: 1) You may pick any health policy issue to write about; however, I must approve the topic and the “bill”. by 9:00 pm on Sunday February 13, for my approval 3 items: a) Your proposed topic; b) A name for your bill; and c) A 2-3 sentence explanation of the bill. Some examples of topics include: abortion; insuring the working poor; birth control; stem cell research; needle exchange; providing free flu vaccines to the elderly.
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health+and+public+policy+memo+assignment+spring+10 - Policy...

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