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Lecture2 - • Power of the purse – decides not to fund...

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Health and Public Policy  15:43 Legislatures Conflicts o Deliberation Compromise Legislative Schematic President cant produce a bill, it has to be produced in the house.  o Committee members need to vote on it – subcommittees vote also. o Once it passes in the house it must pass in the senate also. o Senate may pass a different version, so therefore the senate/house send  representatives to the conference committees in which they try to come up  with a compromise Once compromised, the final bill goes back to the house/senate and  they are voted on again. Once passed, it can be sent to the president If the president vetoes it, it can be sent back and if they get a 2/3rds  vote it can override the president.  Certain Power Committees all are associated with money. 
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Unformatted text preview: • Power of the purse – decides not to fund certain parts of the bill. o House Rules committees – it sets up the requirements for debate for a bill. Very strict laws for how you debate a bill. Taking the hill – Check out the slides. (important article – most likely on a test) • Obama tried making chaos within the house, and having everyone fighting within each other o Hillary Clinton was a nobody, just a wife of a the governor of Arkansas, bill made her in charge of healthcare, and she made b.s behind closed doors and on one respected her. Partisanship – only refers to the conflict between democrats/republicans • Help give people identities • Promote policies/agendas • Campaign organizations • 15:43 15:43...
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Lecture2 - • Power of the purse – decides not to fund...

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