Lecture2 - Power of the purse decides not to fund certain...

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Health and Public Policy  15:43 Legislatures Conflicts o Deliberation Compromise Legislative Schematic President cant produce a bill, it has to be produced in the house.  o Committee members need to vote on it – subcommittees vote also. o Once it passes in the house it must pass in the senate also. o Senate may pass a different version, so therefore the senate/house send  representatives to the conference committees in which they try to come up  with a compromise Once compromised, the final bill goes back to the house/senate and  they are voted on again. Once passed, it can be sent to the president If the president vetoes it, it can be sent back and if they get a 2/3rds  vote it can override the president.  Certain Power Committees all are associated with money. 
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Unformatted text preview: Power of the purse decides not to fund certain parts of the bill. o House Rules committees it sets up the requirements for debate for a bill. Very strict laws for how you debate a bill. Taking the hill Check out the slides. (important article most likely on a test) Obama tried making chaos within the house, and having everyone fighting within each other o Hillary Clinton was a nobody, just a wife of a the governor of Arkansas, bill made her in charge of healthcare, and she made b.s behind closed doors and on one respected her. Partisanship only refers to the conflict between democrats/republicans Help give people identities Promote policies/agendas Campaign organizations 15:43 15:43...
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Lecture2 - Power of the purse decides not to fund certain...

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