PR Management Syllabus Spring 2011

PR Management Syllabus Spring 2011 - 1 Rutgers University...

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Rutgers University School of Communication & Information Department of Communication Syllabus Public Relations Management 192:409:01 Spring 2011 Prerequisites: 189:102 – Introduction to Media Systems and Processes or 189:103 – Information Technology and Informatics 192:365 – Principles of Public Relations Open to Juniors & Seniors Class Hours: 4:30 – 5:50 Tuesday & Thursday Classroom: MU 211 Instructor: Jack Grasso (Appendix 1) Telephone: 908-781-6424 E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] Office Hours: By appointment up to one hour before each class and up to a half hour afterward. Course Schedule: Appendix 2 Course Description Public Relations Management addresses the practical application of basic and advanced public relations theories and techniques in the execution and measurement of campaigns in a variety of organizational contexts. The course places particular emphasis on understanding strategic public relations; fact-based decision making and campaign design; ethical and professional behavior; defining and segmenting key publics; developing effective key messages; formulating effective tactics; financial aspects of public relations; establishing effective and appropriate measurements; and the imperative of maintaining proper alignment among campaign elements. Associated disciplines are explored including marketing, marketing communications, employee communication, investor relations, public policy, corporate social responsibility and corporate sustainability. There will also be a unique opportunity for students to learn some of the principles and techniques for effectively communicating with the media in both print and broadcast environments. Public Relations Management builds on previous studies in Public Relations Principles and can provide a useful framework for considering further studies or a career in the field. The course will emphasize “best practices”, ethical conduct and the importance of broad perspective and critical thought. more… 1
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Public Relations Management/Syllabus/Spring 2011 Course Goals & Objectives Goal: Employ a range of advanced searching and identification techniques, analysis and problem solving, and synthesizing tools to achieve specific goals. Objectives: Be able to analyze business and organizational objectives and translate them into strategic public relations plans. Have a clear understanding and be able to articulate the role of public relations in supporting the fulfillment of an organization’s vision, mission and strategy. Have an accurate view of how public relations campaigns are approached from both an agency and an in-house departmental perspective. Goal: Analyze and synthesize information and ideas from multiple sources to generate new insights.
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PR Management Syllabus Spring 2011 - 1 Rutgers University...

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