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Public Relations Management 1 Ethics:  The Critical Criteria in Public  Relations
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Public Relations Management 2 Ethics and Morality Ethics is doing the right thing Following a specific set of rules Morality is doing the right thing when no  one is watching Following a set of principles or a code of  personal conduct
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Public Relations Management 3 Where do Ethics come from? Family Community Culture Religion Education Experience
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Public Relations Management 4 Ethics: A Definition “A set of criteria by which decisions are  made about what is right and wrong.”   Based on Human Morality
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Public Relations Management 5 Role of Organization  Leadership Sets ethical tone for the organization Who is placed in key PR, financial  positions demonstrates where they  stand on ethical values. Some assign to PR the role of “social  conscience” for the organization
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Public Relations Management 6 “Be sure our deeds match our  words.” Arthur Page
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