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LaPointe: Contemporary Theory Notes on “Modern” compared to “Postmodern” modes of analysis: Modern Ontology (view of reality): People can control their group lives through reason, science, and democracy. Belief in the ability of people to create a more just, equitable world. Human emancipation is possible and we should strive for self and group actualization (our highest/greatest potentials). Capitalism is a driving economic force…and its role in the contemporary era is often discussed critically. For example, in what ways may monopoly capitalism and trans-global capitalism undermine democracy? The increased use of bureaucratic/hierarchical institutions in the contemporary era must be analyzed critically as a process affecting human interaction. Postmodern Ontology (view of reality) : Implies lack of control, lack of structure, and lack of meaning. Images are more important than reality. There is not authenticity: Our “selves” are fake, and because change is so fast, the social world is fragmented. An era characterized by “hyperconsumption” where many of us consume far more than we need and in many cases far more than we could ever use. Little emphasis is placed on capitalism as a driving force behind the trends, like hyperconsumption, in contemporary society. Instead, the focus is on “signs” and cultural “codes” that control us. Emphasis is placed on the needs of technology (tech. changes), rather than on the profit-making needs of corporations/ multinationals. No sense of ideals to strive for (as in “modern” thought/theories). Nihilism is a theme. Everything is absurd, chaotic, nothingness. Everything is emotionless, arid, a spectacle! Postmodern Epistemology (research methods)
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Notes+on+Postmodern%2C+Baudrillard%2C+Faucault - LaPointe:...

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