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Contemporary Sociological Theory: Checklist of important concepts for Test 1 Test date: 10/6 (Wed.) See also any supplements on Sakai : Folder with resources for Test 1 Use the following as a guide. Any material that we have used, even if not listed below, could show up on the test. Theory basics : Concepts: Comparing perspectives (structural functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction), Ontology and Epistemology Micro and macro structures, Agency, What was the period we now call the Enlightenment? Social Contract vs. Utilitarianism Structural Functionalism : Who were early classical structural functionalists? Hobbes, Durkheim Define: Structures, Functions, Social Facts Parsons —What is a grand theory? AGIL scheme, Pattern variables (p.163), Value consensus/role of religion, Modernization theory (the US as a prototype for world development processes), What was Parsons’ view of sex roles? What were some
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Study+Guide+Test+One-1.Fall2010 - Contemporary Sociological...

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