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Unformatted text preview: 9-22-10 Merton came up with theories in the middle range, He said parsons focused too much on manifest functions.. Manifest (overt) and latent (less obvious possibly hidden) functions Dysfunctions could simply just be a negative consequence of a social pattern Theories of middle range Manifest Functions - Go from place to place Latency Functions - Gives us independence - Stress relief - Sense of privacy - Bragging rights Dysfunction C.W MILLS Definitely reacting towards parsons.. he was a real rebel.. an angry man from texas He especially during the 50's didn't like wat was happening.. like the way s0o mnay people were questioning what was going on in society, that had to do with the imbalence of power. When you have a small elite group of people at the top controlling our instutions, there are possible danger that they will stop having their interest of the average person in mind.. and they will become corrupt because of the power they will have.. He was realy concerned in everthign that he wrote, and this problem of power.. And wanted to know why is no one talking about this? When he moved to the Washington D.C area he wrote a book called the power elite. Repairs ($) Accidents Pollution Traffic Social class ...
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